Shocking Humans That You Wouldn’t Believe Exist

51. Gino Martino – the Human Hammer

Aside from being a world famous wrestler, strongman and powerlifter, holding many records and accomplishments to his name, Mr. Martino hold one unique physical trait that has lead to the situation of him being called The Human Hammer. Yes, Gino has a skull TWICE the thickness of the one by an average human being.

This rare mutation has made possible for him perform superhuman feats such as breaking cinder blocks with his head, being struck to the head with jackhammers and bowling balls and many other mind-boggling stunts. Experts say he has faced almost no damage whatsoever and has boasted excellent mental health throughout his entire life. Not bad, huh?


52. Michel Lotito – Mister “Eat-It-All”

This French entertainer was known for his unusually resilient stomach which allowed him to be known as Mister Eat-it-all. Specialized in eating metal, glass, and rubber, Michel has reportedly eaten over NINE TONS of metal during his career, from 1959 to 1997. His method was to break the material into small pieces and wash it down with mineral oil and water during the “meal”.

One of the most notable lunches of his is an entire Cessna 150 plane, which he consumed over a 7-day course. Lotito never faces health problems or anything of the sort, as normally poisonous parts and substances did no harm to his insides, whatsoever.