Healthy Relationships Keep Clear Of Facebook


Actions speak louder than words, and there is no truer statement about relationships when it comes to Facebook.

Facebook is where you go to travel back in time and experience real medieval thinking about the latest political happenings, not to mention endless quizzing about which type of grass you are.

Too bad for us it’s practically mandatory to be on Facebook, if you want to connect with your friends and family. You’ll find John’s latest selfie with a cupcake, or learn what Sarah’s weekend was like at the club, but this can never replace a good old drink with a friend. It’s scary to think that most people would really only have a few close friends if they weren’t allowed to count the Facebook friends they rely on so much.

In other words, be careful when you want to paste your relationship all over Facebook, considering how much of an anti-social media it’s become.

There are two types of Facebook relationship that you can see nowadays:

Number 1 – The “airing our dirty laundry” couple.


t’s bad enough to see couples argue with each other when they’re out on a date, but that’s nothing compared to putting a semi-public record of how much you dislike each other all over Facebook. Not to mention the fact that so called ‘friends’ encourage them! Simply put, this type of couple simply couldn’t survive without the controversy of a public argument, and it’s clear that they don’t care much for anything but attention.

There’s no ‘I’ in team, so the personal attacks which fly back and forth may as well be some kind of digital boxing ring where the winner gets to publicly shame their partner. That’s not even to mention some of the best passive-aggressive status updates: “Guess I’m not as special to SOMEONE as I thought… Not like it’s my BIRTHDAY today or anything”.

We all know that remembering your birthday is the test of all true love, but maybe you want to tone it down for the sake of your Facebook friends? We’re dying over here. It’s almost too obvious that you’re looking for attention, and for someone to join you on your hate-train. If the relationship was more than just Facebook official, you’d find that talking things out and having a bit of patience would work wonders.

Number 2 – The “eat your heart out” over-share couple.


There’s no need to curl up in your bed and cry about how you wish you were them – Their pretense is as fake as Pam Anderson’s boobs. And that’s saying something. It seems like telling people how great you are is the best way to get them to think you’re not really that great at all. Let’s all just allow the best relationships to speak for themselves!

It’s obvious when a real relationship is on the go, and people can see it. Great relationships might make you feel like calling up your friends every few minutes and swooning over how in love you are, but that would just be plain weird.

And this is exactly how it feels when someone does it on Facebook.

The complete opposite of the above relationships are the real life, offline ones. The way they deal with issues is without the constant validation of Facebook friends, taking sides and causing controversy. They want to share their trials and happiness with the person they value most, not their hundreds of Facebook friends.

There is value in those hidden little moments, which every couple share only with each other. They know that their relationship is no competition, because in reality they’re both winners.

They don’t hang about waiting for every ‘like’, ‘love’ or ‘wow’ that comes their way – they’re happy just being together.