10 Reasons Why You Should Date Good Guys

It might seem like a fantasy story, but believe it or not there are still some good guys out there, you’ve just got to keep looking. Once you find your good guy, there’s no way you’ll go back to dating any of those other douches.

Take a look at these 10 benefits of dating a good guy:

1. You Suddenly Realize You’ve Been Going Out With Terrible Guys

via: icytales.com
via: icytales.com

It’s likely you’ve thought that every guy you’ve dated has been a ‘good guy’, but it has always seemed to end in tears. Maybe you have even thought that your latest ex was the best guy you’d ever date again. When you start dating a real good guy, it quickly becomes apparent that you were very, very wrong. Remembering one or two important dates on a calendar doesn’t make your boyfriend a good guy, there are so many more things he should be appreciating about you and your time together. A good guy always wants to be better, because he knows you deserve it.

2. He Will Make You Start To Appreciate Yourself

A good guy will stop you when you start to talk yourself down, and always hold a positive view of who you are. Even when you look like you’ve been through bootcamp, with your eyeliner streaming down your face or your hair in knots, he will look at you and see a beautiful woman. This will start to make you see yourself in a better light too, and you will love yourself more every day.

3. Your Friends Relationship Problems Don’t Show Up In Yours

You will start to see that the problems your friends have are the problems you used to have. They’ll be complaining about how inattentive their own boyfriends are, how they go out with other girls, and you’ll just be sitting there with nothing bad to add about your own guy.

4. Sex Is Only One Part Of Your Connection

A good guy will show you that a relationship can be fun and exciting even when you’re not tumbling around in bed. He’s not sticking around just to get into your pants. You also won’t have to worry about him looking elsewhere for pleasure, because he’ll be enamored by you all the time, and tell you how beautiful he finds you.

5. The Era Of The Gentleman Is Not Over

via: menprovement.com
via: menprovement.com

Obviously there are less gentlemen around, they’re practically a dying breed, but they do still exist! In just about a century’s worth of relationships, guys have changed the way they approach relationships. Even so, there are many men who would still carry you over a puddle, open your car door for you or offer you your choice of seat at the restaurant. They’re rare, but they are still around. You may not believe it at first, when he surprises you at work with flowers, or sends you a cute text just because he misses you, but when you do you will be elated.

7. Your Standards Go Up

You forget what it is to ‘settle’ for a relationship, because you know what it’s like to be in a really good one. Your standards are forever higher!

8. Every Fight Doesn’t Mean The End Of The World

via: youqueen.com
via: youqueen.com

There will always be disagreements, but you never put each other down or threaten to walk out just because of one argument. You talk things out like grown-ups, and don’t allow trivial irritations to compromise your relationship. You both want to make things OK again, and that’s what it’s all about.

9. You Wonder What He’s Covering Up

This might all seem like it’s too good to be true, and you’ve heard the horror stories of a guy turning sour once commitment comes along. You might find yourself worrying about the skeletons in his closet, but the chances are that anything he’s keeping to himself is no worse than the small secrets of your own.

10. Have Something to Smile About Every Single Day

via: pinterest.com
via: pinterest.com

You’ll feel satisfied complete even on the days you don’t get to see him. You’re comforted by the fact that he’s in your life. He makes every day seem brighter.