Businesswoman Lets Homeless Man Work For The Day And Is Repaid With A Dedicated Worker


It was March 2016 in Minneapolis Minnesota, and a homeless man walked into a local Mexican and Central American restaurant. This homeless man walked into Abi’s Cafe to ask the twenty-something owner, Cesia Abigail Baires if she would give him some money. Baries asked Marcus, the homeless man, why he didn’t have a job.

Marcus explained his situation to Baires. Marcus is an ex-felon who cannot find a job. While Marcus would love to work, most employers will not hire because of his past convictions.

But instead of turning Marcus away, Baires did something wonderful that made this story go viral. Baires felt a connection to Marcus despite the man being homeless. While she did not have any money to give Marcus, Baires offered the man a job. Abi’s Cafe was short-staffed that day according to the cafe’s owner.

What started out as a few hours’ work turned into two weeks. After he started to work at Abi’s Cafe, Marcus was a changed man. According to Baires, Marcus is an amazing employee that shows up on time and does the required tasks for his two-hour shifts. Although she has help the homeless before, Marcus’s story was so compelling that she posted it online.

When the story of Baires and Marcus went viral, more people started to go to the restaurant to support it. Also people around the world went to the cafe’s Facebook page to praise the owner for giving Marcus a part-time job. Some people even called Baires an angel for all she has done for Marcus.

While Baires might not consider herself the angel that some call her, she wants everyone to kind to others. Maybe we should all be like Baires and show kindness to strangers. We never know whose life we change with such a simple act.