Faith In Humanity Restored: The Liberation Of Fifi, The Bear After 30+ Years Will Move You To Tears


Over thirty years back, a bear offspring going by the name of  “Fifi” landed at a roadside zoo in Pennsylvania.  This, however, was not to be a happy occurrence. Rather than being cared for as you would normally expect, she was instead held hostage and utilized as part of a show solely designed to enrich her captors at the critter’s expense.  Fifi was coerced to perform tricks and stunts, being punished when she refused to acquiesce. She was mistreated,  malnourished and uncared for. All in all a complete disgrace.

A quarter century of this hell later, the roadside zoo closed down. Fifi, however, was not discharged and in not doing so, they accomplished something utterly shocking. More infamous than before but not wildly unexpected. Rather than being released, her owners bolted her inside an enclosure where she was kept for the following ten years of her life.

Ten years, all alone.  Locked up in solitary confinement, almost forgetting what it felt to be free, but no doubt yearning for it.

At long last, PETA came to the rescue and followed through on the many requests for assistance. When Fifi was discovered, she was found to be severely underweight and of poor health. For a bear especially, she was a distant cry from the marauding and imposing figure we would normally associate with the grizzlies or their polar cousins.

To add insult to injury, there was even more to consider.  Her detached owners never sought to address her joint inflammation issues and she was never treated. Instead, she carried this debilitating injury throughout this whole ordeal.  Upon assessing the situation, it was agreed that the best course of action would be to relocate her to a safe environment.  Not wanting to waste any more time, PETA quickly transported her to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado where she got all the essential treatment.

This was then. A story of unhappy beginnings that ultimately  led  to a happy ending. Today, and thanks to everyone’s best efforts, Fifi has granted a new chance and the opportunity to live a normal life.  Something that up until then had been taken away from her by “the tyranny of evil men”, to quote a true humanitarian.

Make sure you watch the video to see what Fifi looks like today. You’ll no doubt choke up as this one does really hits the feels. She finally looks like a real bear. A  healthy and strong bear, and a happy one for sure. She deserves it. You can finally say that faith in humanity is restored once again.

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