Bible was Unconsumed after a House in Texas Got Swallowed by Fire. This is Supernatural!


The following report is a truthful albeit fantastic one. Almost eerie, but it does make you wonder. How could this be?

The setting is the town of Bryan, Texas. A partially destroyed house, half-eaten away by the flames. A family left to pick themselves up after much hardship and a homeowner with a whole new set of challenges to face.

Away she was, grinding to make ends meet when the fire broke out. Almost feels like a cruel joke, but there’s a silver lining in there and a valuable  lesson to be learned. Luckily enough, a  neighbour called it in, quickly informing the Fire Dpt but unaware at the time whether the house was empty or not.

Soon after the Fire trucks arrived and managed to keep the house from total destruction. Effective as they were, still half the house was lost. Including books, scores of them, except for one. All the books were charred beyond recognition safe for the Holy Bible.

Fortunately, the only damages to speak of were material. No one was hurt.

But the homeowner was visibly upset yet upbeat about the whole ordeal.
In losing half the house they were gifted a miracle and their faith was rekindled.